Prayer Requests

If you have any specific or general prayer needs, feel free to post them here or contact one of us through email.

We will post them here (anonymously if you wish) so that you all can pray for each other as well.

I promise, we will pray for you! And please update us on the results so that we can rejoice with you! ^^



My friend Lizzie came back from her mission trip in Haiti and it went great! God moved in amazing ways over there and she grew a lot spiritually. If you’d like to see more of what happened in Haiti during her trip feel free to check out her  blog:

Also, super happy to announce that God saved me from making a horrible decision to join the Army. I realized that taking that path was me attempting to do His will in my strength, when I truly wanted to do it His way. So now, I’m pursuing my calling to be a full-time missionary for Christ, and I’m doing it on His terms! Shortly after making this decision I found my officially home church–Epoch church–and I know that this is the place where I will grow spiritually, find my place in God’s family, learn what the gifts He’s blessed me with are, and discover how to use them His way and for His purpose. I also feel that I will be greatly challenged here and so I’m sincerely grateful to the Lord for bringing me here. ^^

If you live in the Southside and/or Baymeadows area in Jacksonville and are interested in learning more about Epoch, feel free to visit them on their website:

or on their facebook page:


And, like mentioned above, if you have any prayer requests please share them here, or email me, or something! We’ll pray for you! And thank you for your prayers! ^-^


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