All Events I post here will be limited to what’s happening in Jacksonville, FL (because I live here), with exception to known mission opportunities elsewhere, and/or other events that will be taking place in other cities.

I will attempt to have this page as regularly updated as possible, but *ahem* things happen every once in a while that prevents me from remembering to update tis page.

That said, events!!!

Epoch Church of Jacksonville has MOVED from Baymeadows and 295, to Terry and Dean rd. The address is on the website, which is contained in the link, and we would love to have you! Service starts at 11 a.m Sundays and child care is provided! I do forewarn that we are in the process of remodeling and rennovating our new space, and this is the first time we have had a *permanent* position. We have been a church plant for about 6 years, and…really the story of how this all came to be is an amazing blessing and God obviously, and brilliantly, orchestrated this.

Every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 we have student ministry available for middle and high school children (young adults?) and right now we are talking about Families; what ours personally looks like, how they were designed to function, the reality that none are perfect, and how we can be Christlike in our homes, etc. I am super stoked for this. I love being with the youth and just being real and open and approachable with them.


This concludes the events! ^^ I’ll add more as they come! If you’d like to add anything feel free to contact me!



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