About Us

Who are we? We are everyone, specifically Christians who seek to inspire, encourage, and empower others through art, and through sharing the Gospel with others. And, since we are many, you should refer to “we” as us. That’s why it’s called “About Us!” xD

My name is Angelique Cole, and I am only one of us. The rest of us (which is all of you) hasn’t joined yet, so right now its just me! Joined what, you ask? Joined this blog, silly! iI created this blog initially for the purpose of helping others to better understand the Word of God through means of art and illustrations. Originally, I was going to gather and form a team of artists to help make this happen.
Then the Lord gave me the idea to make the art just a small part of the blog. (although I’m still looking for artists who are willing to contribute!) I’ve decided that I should use this blog to inspire, encourage, and empower others by sharing my faith with others who are in Christ, and help bring understanding to those who are not followers of Jesus.
(And by the way, even if you aren’t Christian, or don’t even believe in Jesus, you can still contribute art of some form. The only rule is that it must be inspirational and uplifting/encouraging in some way! ^.^)

In the future, I will update this section when others join the ranks.

For more information about who I am, please visit my user profile (which I will now update!)



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