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In the Womb

There are a lot of debates about abortion and whether or not it should be legal. There are a lot of trials and debates about Planned Parenthood, and whether or not their service is needed, and if it helps women.

Is it about a woman’s rights?

If so, should a woman’s rights come at the cost of sacrificing innocent lives?

If its not about a woman’s rights, then what is it really about?

I find that one woman really answers this question beautifully, and she makes an account against Planned Parenthood and the horrific things they do. I warn you that this is not an entirely easy read, and please…read it slowly and carefully.

I am always baffled by the audacity of that particular organization, but will further restrict my comments on my feelings, and will simply say this: the facts speak for themselves, and also, this woman’s testimony is amazing to the point of blowing your mind away….you can read her story here.

Please don’t let her faith in Jesus deter you, because what she says is absolutely vital.

On the other hand, I titled this post “In the Womb” because I am very much against abortion; no matter how you spin it, its murdering someone’s life. I know, I know, I’ve stepped on some toes, but its the truth, and the truth can be offensive–mostly because it challenges our sovereignty.

That being said, I don’t believe in belittling someone, or attacking them simply because they have had an abortion, or committed another type of sin. In light of all the sins I have committed, and how God my Father has forgiven me through Jesus’s life and testimony, how could I refuse the same for others.

This is not a post to bash people, but on the contrary, to make people think.

I challenge you (readers) to re-think your perspective concerning human life, and to be amazed at how wonderfully complex, and yet infinitely precise God has designed us. These are the feelings and thoughts that were birthed in me as I watched the following documentary of the formation of a fetus in the womb. I watched this in class last semester in Human Growth and Development, and am so glad I did. I certainly did not agree with everything I saw and heard in the class, nor with my professor’s convictions, but I learned and saw old things in a new way…

I will leave you with this: Life does not begin at birth, it begins at conception.

Please watch the following video, and please read the article posted above. I promise, you wont regret it, but you will be changed…



So, a little about me outside of this blog, I am 27 and I have been actively walking with Christ for six years!! So excited! This has truly been the greatest decision I've made and I have no desire to turn back to the life I once lived. That said, I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Nutrition, and my dream is still to be a full-time missionary and be a part of what God's doing in the world. I'm super excited to pursue this path and I'm so grateful to the Lord for providing me with an amazing church family to grow into and be a part of. So excited for what God has planned and to finally be a part of it! ^^

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