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Tearing Down the Fences

This picture beautifully illustrates the image I have of this generation of America and the path I see us walking down as a nation. I want to warn you, that these proceeding words are going to be a bit difficult to take in. This is not going to be an easy read, and you are perfectly free to disagree or be angry etc. This is simply my heart, and my anger for the destructive path in which we are leading the future generation down. This is my way of relieving my burdened heart, or at least one of the ways, and I hope it will be something that, even if you disagree, will find thought provoking.

Without further ado, here is the poem I wrote down this morning, ideas that I, perhaps, have been tossing around for a long time…

How can I describe this Generation?
They are eager to take down all the fences
with no regard as to why they were put up in the first place.

They are eager to pursue “new” and dangerous paths,
but have no desire to learn from another’s past experiences.

They like to push the bar further and further
in order to make acceptable every inclination of their hearts and minds.
They care nothing for consequences
and will dispute anything that challenges their sovereignty.

They mock, they curse, they scorn to get their way
and silence their opposition…
And they run, wholeheartedly, passionately
into Death’s embrace.

They ridicule those who find Value in humanity,
Divinity in creation,
and Beauty in the midst of a purpose-filled life.

How can I describe this Generation?
They are mice caught in a trap by their tails.
When set free,
they run straight into the Serpent’s mouth without a moment’s hesitation.

Is it because they never stop to think
whether something is right or wrong?
Is it because they have forgotten
whether or not the answer matters?


Maybe it is because they no longer care.
They’ve turned a blind eye to the truth,
they’ve stopped listening to the shouts and the protests of the hearts and souls of those around them;
To the shouts and protests of their own hearts and souls…



So, a little about me outside of this blog, I am 27 and I have been actively walking with Christ for six years!! So excited! This has truly been the greatest decision I've made and I have no desire to turn back to the life I once lived. That said, I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Nutrition, and my dream is still to be a full-time missionary and be a part of what God's doing in the world. I'm super excited to pursue this path and I'm so grateful to the Lord for providing me with an amazing church family to grow into and be a part of. So excited for what God has planned and to finally be a part of it! ^^

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